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British Milk parody account goes on rant and Twitter thinks it’s real

Twitter is littered with parody accounts. There’s one for virtually every subject, celebrity, or brand you can think of. So obviously there’s one parodying the British Dairy Council: ‘British Milk Council.’ The account just went on a very realistic looking rant, fooling basically everybody.


1. Bad news, guys…


2. His colleague Donna noticed it, and started panicking.


3. He goes on to reveal a truly shocking fact about the British Milk Council…


4. Donna tries to reason with him.


5. But Jason has already made up his mind.


6. After getting a lot of attention, Jason had to update the people.


7. A bunch of people didn’t realize it’s a parody account.


8. They’re taking it VERY seriously.


9. Stu missed a golden opportunity.


10. It’s just so confusing.

11. Fortunately, there are people who do appreciate these absolute gems.


12. The former editor of tabloid The Sun is loving it, seemingly thinking it’s real.


13. But the love isn’t mutual.


14. Fortunately, Charlie knows a way to treat that burn.


That went down smoothly…

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