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10 times Tesco Mobile had the perfect comeback on Twitter

Tesco Mobile is one of those companies that doesn’t hold back on social media. If you come at them, they will hit you back with everything they’ve got. Here’s a couple of people who need some aloe vera to deal with their burns…


1. Tesco Mobile’s motto is basically “¯\_(ツ)_/¯”


2. O u c h .


3. They’ll hit you where it hurts.


4. Jack wants his attempt at dissing Tesco Mobile to go viral.



It did not go his way.


5. *snifs* This smells like a hint of sarcasm.


6. This Twitter user was so proud of her new profile that she had to show it off.



Turns out she’s not being paid to show that Tesco is her provider in the top left corner.



Maybe her luck will change a tiny bit now.


7. There’s some heartbreak every now and then.


8. Though, sometimes they’re the ones who cause it.


9. But don’t think you’re too good for them. It’s probably the other way around.


At least they *kind of* turned it into a compliment in the end.


10. It’s safe to say that people’s love lives are Tesco’s favorite target.



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