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This Twitter user can’t stop tweeting hilariously recognizable things about her coworkers

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Some people dread their office job. They hate it with every fiber of their being, but keep doing it anyway. That’s why it’s good to vent a little and make it more fun for yourself. Twitter hero @OhNoSheTwitnt’s way of dealing with it is to tweet about the weird things her coworkers say and do.


1. OhNoSheTwitnt doesn’t have the most open minded colleagues… or does she?


2. This is… very accurate.


3. Some of her coworkers aren’t very imaginative.


4. We’re all still getting used to it.


5. Make sure you remember their names.


6. How do some people not fall down more?


7. It got worse.

8. That would improve the massage by 1000%.


9. Not buying it.


10. Um…


11. They have some trouble with her Disney references.


12. She’s not wrong.


13. Her coworkers aren’t into Halloween.


14. Some coworkers have issues with her use of language.


15. This sounds like it could be the same coworker.


16. Only in America.


17. It’s always nice to show off your favorite parts of your workplace.


18. This is absolute hell.


19. At least her coworkers’ kids know what’s up. 


20. “But does she at least enjoy her job,” you ask?


So if your office job is getting down, don’t forget that you can always vent about your annoying coworkers.

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