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Netflix can’t stop tweeting about their love for ‘The Office’

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When you love a show as much as Netflix’ social media manager loves The Office, it’s hard to keep it to yourself. Fortunately they can go all out on Netflix’ official account, and tweet their feelings “as ASAP as possible…”


1. Here’s an insight into their usual thought process.


2. C. The answer is C.


3. They love quoting the show back to fans.


4. Who cares about Mariah Carey references during the holidays? This is how you do it.


5. It’s the perfect way to pass judgment on your fans.


6. When Twitter’s character limit increased, Netflix started a sentence, and didn’t even know where it was going, just hoping they’d find it along the way.


7. A deep cut for the fans, with the fans. 


8. They’ll jump on a meme when they can.


9. They had to give a tearful shout out to their favorite beet farmer when the show ended.


10. When a user needs advice, the recommendation is clear.


11. After Netflix basically let the world know they’re looking at their users’ data, Robert had to turn the tables, or rather…


12. When the opportunity to use a reaction image from The Office presents itself…


13. When Slashfilm reported that The Office was leaving Netflix, they were heartbroken, until…


14. Jim and Pam’s wedding will make you feel things.


15. Netflix has some strong feelings about one of the show’s most remarkable episodes.


16. But why? Well…


17. The enthusiasm is infective: their Canadian colleague is tagging in… 


Keep it up, Netflix…

the office GIF


*header image via Netflix Canada on Twitter.

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