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10 times people had a brutal response to VICE articles on Facebook

2 minuten lezen

VICE is a media company that stands out with its impressive documentaries, and reporting on subjects you wouldn’t necessarily expect on any other news site. They also have one of the most sarcastic comment sections on the internet – and that’s saying something.


1. For some reason, people love trolling VICE in the comments under their own articles on Facebook.


2. They’re not always wrong.


3. They just can’t help themselves.


4. VICE itself isn’t the only subject the commenters will jump on, though.


5. Kameron has a mighty good point.


6. Fair question, Alexander. Fair question indeed.


7. Oh no, Steven…


8. We see what you did there, Bo-James.


9. And this sounds about right.


10. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



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