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McDonald’s posts about resolutions and gets salty responses in the comments

3 minuten lezen

New year’s resolutions are an important thing for people. We try to better ourselves, but, realistically, a lot of them have already been broken just over a week into 2018. It looks like the people who made the resolution to roast McDonald’s in their own comment sections are still sticking to it, though…


1. McDonald’s thought they made and shared just a fun image about new year’s resolutions.



2. This seems only fair.


3. It’s getting worse by the comment.


4. Harrison is taking the impact of McDonald’s diagram very seriously.


5. McDonald’s also got a very basic and important thing wrong…


6. “McDonald’s need to brush up on their Set Theory” is a phrase you don’t hear every day.


7. It was the last straw for Gemma and Shannon.


8. And John finishes it off with a devastating burn…


boom GIF


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