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Vlogger Casey Neistat gets attacked and the details are quite something

Being a YouTuber isn’t as easy as it seems…


1. With his own special style, and 9 million followers, Casey Neistat is one of the biggest YouTube stars out there.


2. Not everyone is in love with him, though, as this story of his shows…


3. The extra details are… wow. Just wow.


4. No big deal, though.

5. Rapper Timothy DeLaGhetto is inspired.


6. Turns out there’s an influencer version of ‘pics or it didn’t happen.’ (He didn’t mention it in his most recent vlog)


7. People are trying to find the perfect GIF to sum up the situation.


8. This is probably what it felt like in his head.


9. Some are more flattering than others…


10. We have a winner.


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