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Twitter keeps ‘mistaking’ Rick & Morty for other things and it’s hilarious

3 minuten lezen

Rick & Morty is currently one of the most popular and insane animated shows in the world… Or is it?


1. I don’t…


2. Right, but…


3. Of course.


4. This makes a lot more sense.


5. Armadilli-what now?


6. Ah, yes.


7. Hold on.


8. This whole thread is getting super freaky.


9. Gotcha.


10. *intensively tries to remember that specific history class*


11. Kilting it.


12. These are all so easily mixed up.


13. Right, it’s the other Will Ferrell movie.


14. How do these keep getting more specific every time?


15. Well, obviously.


16. Bitch…


17. OH MY GOD.



rick and morty GIF


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