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These posts on fastfood Facebook pages are weird and funny as hell

People have a lot to say to their favorite fastfood chains. Sometimes it’s just hard to figure out what that is exactly…


1. The people who leave messages on community pages will not hesitate to point out mistakes.


2. They often have valid complaints.


3. But sometimes they just want to share a dad joke.


4. Johnny is a clever boy, but KFC didn’t fall for it. 


5. Nic try, KFC.


6. Combined with his picture, this sounds more threatening than pleasant.


7. Some suggestions are more helpful than others.


8. This escalated very quickly.


9. Their questions get a little existential sometimes.


10. Was that supposed to be the image? What’s happening, Adam?


11. Someone please help Marie.


12. Cameron, that’s not how it wo… Never mind.


13. There must be quite a story behind this message.


14. And finally, Ryan hops in with this slam dunk for Australia’s version of Burger King.



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