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These 15 people show that Walmart’s Facebook page is a whole world of its own

2 minuten lezen

Every big company in the world is active on Facebook – of course they are. Superstore chain Walmart has a very active fan community on their page, that truly feels like it’s a special place on Earth. Well, on the internet.


1. Hot tip: if you’re new to Facebook, just ask the official Walmart page for help.


2. Other customers are always happy to help out.


3. They’re all very friendly.


4. Some are confused about how online shopping works, though.


5. They’re full of… wisdom?


6. And always…


7. … to finish each other’s sentences.


8. It’s honestly as if they’re all brainstorming together.


9. It almost reads like a poem.


10. You could say they call it their duty.


11. The Walmartians truly share everything with each other.


12. They prove that some how the butt-posting-on-a-brand’s-Facebook-page is very much possible.


13. Their demands aren’t very high, just look at this extremely short list.


14. But they’re mainly just very helpful.


15. Just ask Jo.


Basically, visiting the Walmart Facebook page is always a slam dunk.


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