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These 15 ‘If you don’t love me at my…’ memes are hilarious and so true

2 minuten lezen

It’s important to have a sense of your self worth. Some people just don’t deserve you at your best, especially if they don’t love you at your…


1. A lot of these are just so very true.


2. Netflix just nails it.


3. Fantastic for shame if you don’t.



4. Some are truly hot takes.


5. Obviously Ellen got in on the meme.


6. Possibly the truest one of all.


7. Two can play at that game, is what Netflix Canada thought. Nailed it AGAIN.


8. Oh damn, one for the Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans.


9. This is confusing, these are just two pictures of a very good boy.



10. People really aren’t horsing around with this meme.


11. Yes, Ben. Yes indeed.



12. Honestly, any excuse to watch that goal again


13. Oh no. Oh no no no no.


14. This meme is harder to pull off than it looks.


15. And finally, the one meme to rule them all…


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