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The new Fifty Shades trailer gets a hilarious spanking in the YouTube comments

3 minuten lezen

Who needs professional movie critics if you can just look at the YouTube comments?


1. The trailer for Fifty Shades Freed dropped this week, and people have a lot to say about it.


2. The expectations are very high.


3. Apparently people still make this joke.


4. Those driving scenes do look familiar…


5. Fifty Shades: Tokyo Drift


6. For some, that car is all they really need.


7. The trailer hit a sore spot for David.


8. This commenter is going to have to wait for the dvd release.


9. This seems to be a theme.


10. It didn’t work.


11. Well, thanks for weighing in.


12. It’s what Jesus wants, guys.


13. So that’s why it looks familiar.


14. Some do actually look for positive notes.


15. Sorry for your loss.


16. Same.


17. This sums it up nicely.




20. Well that’s awkward.


21. TMI.


22. But after all of that, one question remains.


In the end, the consensus does seem to be…

awkward fox mulder GIF by The X-Files


*Header image source: YouTube

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