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McDonald’s drives fans crazy with this trickshot video

2 minuten lezen

The internet is filled with trolls. As it turns out, it’s not just people who love trolling. McDonald’s also loves getting into the action.


1. Just check out the video of this insane McNuggets trick shot McDonald’s posted.

Animated GIF


2. *spoiler alert* Marie definitely wasn’t.


3. Some people take a little longer to figure it out than others…


4. It’s worth the wait.


5. McDonald’s is loving it.


6. Gary is enjoying the reactions as well, and wants to show his appreciation.


7. Just blink and you miss it.


8. Rick can’t help but throw a nugget of shade…


9. Can’t believe Angela actually caught it.


10. It’s going to be such a mess once this catches on.


11. It’s a great way to mess with your loved ones.


12. But in the end…


McDonald’s had people like

im laughing so hard shia labeouf GIF


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