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Social media reacts to McDonald’s newest invention: the McVegan

3 minuten lezen

McDonald’s is one of the biggest fastfood chains in the world. Despite their already huge popularity, there has always been one group of people they’ve never been able to feed: vegans. Until now, that is…


1. Here’s a video from LADBible to tell you all about McDonald’s new invention.


2. Let the vegan jokes begin…


3. It’s not an unlikely scenario.


4. Tony’s burn doesn’t work for a specific reason.


5. Hamish thought he had a was making a good point against vegans, but ended up getting roasted himself.


6. “Well have fun.”


7. Jeff’s smartass question gets shut down.


8. WE ALL HAVE DIFFERENT DREAMS, TOM… but yeah probably not.


9. People in Sweden are loving it.



10. And America is getting jealous that the McVegan is only available in Europe for now.



11. And Canada is getting desperate as well.



12. Unfortunately they’re going to have to be patient.


13. And finally, somebody please call 911, because Amy just straight-up murdered Mitch.


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