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Little girl almost loses faith in her artistic skills, but then Twitter steps in

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A lot of little kids are balls of creativity. Some lose some of that spark as they get older, but some are determined to keep it an become artists. Marely falls under the second category. When her big sister, Emely, found out that their mother doesn’t seem to be very supportive of her dream…


1. Twitter user Emely tweeted this sad message from her little sister, Marely.



2. Here’s a closer look at the heartbreaking note.


3. Some people are recognizing what happened here.


4. It inspired Hannah to give her own shoes a Marely-style makeover.


5. It’s very well received.


6. She has an admirer in Venezuela as well.


7. And suddenly, she’s an in-demand artist.


8. This is where the count is at so far. Marely has her work cut out for her.


9. It didn’t go unnoticed over at Vans as well.


10. YouTuber Connor Franta noticed the tweet, and has a different, generous gesture for Mare.


11. The girl can’t believe it. She’s getting a few extras as well.



12. People are already analysing her artistic style.

13. And the last word is for the young artist herself.


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