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*Literally* everybody is changing their privacy policy right now

3 minutes reading time

The new European privacy law (GDPR) will go into effect on Friday. Because of this, every company has to update their privacy policy to make sure they don’t get slapped with a fine. This is why everybody’s inbox is currently overflowing with emails about privacy policy updates. It’s really getting out of hand…


1. People are getting a truly absurd amount of emails from companies who have to change their privacy policies.


2. It’s truly getting out of hand.


3. Sorry not sorry for getting that song stuck in your head.


4. The amount of emails is becoming unbearable.


5. A solution we can get behind.


6. They just keep on coming.


7. Et tu, cats?


8. It’s the healthy thing to do.


9. The horror…


10. You don’t want to get slapped with a fine beyond the grave.


11. They’ll always find a way.


12. Jesus Christ.


13. Those lucky bastards.


14. It’s like being visited by the ghosts of privacy policies past.


15. Well, guess what YOU JUST DID?


When one more privacy policy reaches your inbox…


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