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Justice League is finally out and the reactions are far from super, man

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Superhero movies are among the most eagerly anticipated every year. The fans go crazy for them. But when one of them doesn’t meet their high expectations, all hell breaks loose.


1. Justice League didn’t do as well as expected at the US box office during its opening weekend.


2. Some shade is thrown.


3. The expectations are definitely different.


4. This poster seems a bit more appropriate now.



5. Jack paints quite a picture, and does not hold back.


6. Turns out they could’ve seen this coming.



7. When Rotten Tomatoes reported on the unexpectedly low numbers, people had some things to say.


8. Jacob wasn’t surprised.


9. Diogo found himself an analogy.


10. But Steve has a more nuanced view.


11. So don’t worry:


12. Because you’re not alone.



13. Even this Marvel writer enjoyed it.


14. This certainly doesn’t improve the movie viewing experience.


15. This explains a lot, actually.



16. Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi can’t help but troll Justice League.


17. The signs were all over that poster, as it turns out.


18. This one was hard to spot.



At least the trailer looks promising.
fail sad but true GIF by Cheezburger


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