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If robots are the future, the future needs help

3 minuten lezen

Machines – we just can’t live without them. Sometimes we can’t live with them, either. And when it comes to drones and robots, they’re just new enough that we’re really not sure which it is.

– Written by Lex Griffiths


1. Russia might want to rethink their new postmen.


2. It’s not flying but it fell with style.


3. Dude, there’s a time and a place to test these.



4. This was so close to being majestic.



5. Man 1, machine 0.


6. They don’t even need our help to crash.


7. Guys, go home, you’re drunk.



8. Speaking of drinking, that’s something they can’t help you with…


9. Or feeding you for that matter.


10. Maybe they had performance anxiety


11. This one certainly seems ashamed.



12. Looks like they’re a little TOO much like puppies.


13. But if things do get too dangerous, at least we’ll have bananas.



Looks like we’re safe from the robot uprising for a little while longer!


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