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Guy makes shocking and hilarious discovery about woman from famous meme

2 minuten lezen

Who can solve the mystery of this woman’s constant state of shock?


1. It’s hard to imagine there’s anyone on earth who hasn’t seen this meme at this point.



2. Well, it turns out the woman on the right has a favorite facial expression.


3. She’s in a constant state of shock.


4. Whenever she sees a screen in front of her, she just can’t believe what she’s seeing.


5. Sometimes she’s shocked with company.


6. The size of the screen doesn’t seem to matter.


7. Her friend is just as flabbergasted as she is.


8. That raises the question: What do people keep sending her?


9. It’s not limited to screens, though.


10. Things on paper freak her out just as much.




12. Is she checking her bank account right before paying for this coffee?


13. She can’t even relax on the beach.


14. And definitely not at work.


15. But what shocks her the most is… looking at you.


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