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These people show how they rebelled against adults with daring haircuts

3 minuten lezen

Your hair says a lot about your identity. Whether you have it short, long, purple or blonde, it’s your hair. No one should tell you what you can and can’t do to it. And that’s exactly what Gemma thought.


1. Gemma did not care about her hairdressers’ opinion.



2. People are shook.


3. And praise her for her bold move.


4. She shares the evidence: a picture of her a few weeks after she shaved her head.


5. But Gemma is not the only one who has been told ‘no.’


6. This girls followed her own guts.


7. Who says men can’t dye their hair?


8. Bold move.


9. What’s up with all the hairdressers refusing?


10. Loopholes.


11. Who needs a boyfriend, when you can have purple hair.


12. And even the eyebrows don’t remain untouched.


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