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Thailand bans plastic bags so people use creative and hilarious alternatives

2 minuten lezen

While grocery shopping it is convenient to carry a bag with you. And since Thailand is banning plastic bags, people have to come up with alternatives. So grab your suitcases, cones and other containerish objects, because we’re taking a trip to the supermarket and maybe you’ll get inspired.


1. It starts with this tweet as the viral eyecatcher.




2. And there’s more.


3. People think of the craziest alternatives.


4. And it works.


5. This basket holds enough space for the whole shelf of Yakult.


6. If you like it then you shoulda put a cage on it.


7. When you think it can’t get more outrageous, there’s this guy.


8. When the supermarket is too crowded..


9. Food, just in case.


10. But, even though others think it’s funny and creative, this employee is not having it.


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