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Food blog announces ‘new’ trend and gets flooded with sarcastic reactions

3 minuten lezen

Get ready for the next crazy new food trend…


1. Food blog The Takeout wrote about this “hot new trend” you’ve probably never heard of before: eating food out of a bowl.


2. A lot of people noticed, and could only react with a healthy dose of sarcasm.


3. Hey, whatever works for you.


4. Geoff was pretty close.



5. It made Kristopher’s life so much easier.


6. Honestly, where have these so-called ‘bowls’ been all our lives?


7. Chipotle is also intrigued by this radical ‘bowl’ idea.


8.  DiGiorno can’t even finish their joke.


9. The bowl lobby is definitely behind this.


10. The trends just keep on coming.


11. Consider our minds blown.


12. For all you hipsters out there looking to be the first with every new trend – this is the next big thing:



Thanks for the tip, Dave!


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