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Steven Spielberg reacts to fastfood chain’s hilarious attempt to name a burger after him

When you’re a big fan of someone or something, it’s only natural that you want to pay tribute in some way. That’s how the people at fastfood chain Carl’s Jr. feel about Steven Spielberg. The master director has a new movie coming out soon (‘Ready Player One’), and for that occasion, Carl’s Jr. thought it would be fitting to name a burger after him. But will he give his approval..?


1. The people at Carl’s Jr. are so pumped for Spielberg’s upcoming movie ‘Ready Player One’ that they want to pay tribute to him.



2. So they started with tributes to some of Spielberg’s best movies.



3. Obviously ‘Jurassic Park’ is among them.



4. They didn’t forget about ‘E.T.’ either.



5. And ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ got a special Carl’s Jr. twist as well.



6. Their effort is met with silence from Spielberg’s side.


7. But there’s a good explanation for that.


8. They decided to bring their artwork to him at the Ready Player One premiere in Los Angeles.



9. They didn’t get to talk to him, but at least there’s this…



10. Carl is not giving up, though: he’s taking the Spielburgers to the man himself at his production company.


11. Unfortunately, they were sent away. They did leave a not, though.


12. And then… finally…



13. He may not approve of the name, but Carl’s Jr. will take what they can get.


Well played, Carl’s Jr.


Thanks for the tip, Evert!


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