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Fastfood chains Subway and Carl’s Jr. are having a delicious Twitter beef

2 minuten lezen

Seeing people fight on social media can be tough. But when it’s done creatively, it’s very entertaining. Carl’s Jr. and Subway keep it classy.


1. Carl’s Jr. sent comedian Kurt Braunohler to a subway to ask people some questions about eating in subways.


2. James thinks he can profit from this.


3. Subway won’t let him, though.


4. Their offer is still pretty generous.


5. Especially considering what Subway implies with this.


6. They realized it a couple of days later.


7. Subway fan Memo is loving it.


8. And Subway is proud.


9. In the end, Carl’s Jr. does feel bad about it and apologizes… sort of.


That was cold.

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