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Discount store Poundland has the weirdest Christmas campaign of the year

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It takes some effort for brands to stand out with their holiday advertising campaigns. Some play it safe and modest, and others, like British discount store Poundland… Go a different direction.


1. They started the Christmas season swinging.


2. And things got increasingly stranger. Fast.


3. What the…

Rub-a-dub-dub, three in a tub. A night of 'selfies and chill.' #ElfBehavingBad

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4. Wait a second…


5. They’re not going to shy away from using puns.


6. It’s all fun and games.


7. Oh boy.


8. Gross, stop it!


9. At least he’s also using his powers to make political statements.



First come, first served

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12. Obviously, people can’t believe what they’re seeing.


13. Oh wow.


14. And in case you thought they were hacked…


15. Plenty of people love it, though.


16. And the elf isn’t just going to let the critics mug the joy from him.


But from one Elf to the other…
how can you live with yourself will ferrell GIF


Thanks for the tip, Evert Groot!

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