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People are going crazy over these Christmas suits from Walmart

3 minuten lezen

If you need some inspiration for your holiday outfit, look no further than Walmart.

1. Look at these sharply dressed gents.


2. It was originally intended as a fun post for a local Walmart, but when the main page shared it, it really blew up.


3. Most people love them.


4. They’re even picturing how exactly they’ll be rocking the suits.


5. Aren’t they fit for any type of Christmas party?


6. Not everyone is convinced.


7. Patsy knows exactly what kind of person would wear one.


8. Rita is a bit torn.


9. Burk and Dennis should take note from a Christmas tree and lighten up.


10. Ale has some constructive criticism.


11. Despite a few Scrooges, Walmart is loving the responses.


12. Who says they’re only suited for Christmas, though?


13. And Daniel, the man behind the amazing picture, is loving the attention.


What are you waiting for?!


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