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These artists bake the most unbelievable creations for Pancake Day

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Tomorrow may be Valentine’s Day, but today is much more important. It’s Pancake Day. People from all over the world are celebrating by making pancakes. Some people are so good at this, that they manage to create actual art with pancake batter.


1. Because it’s Pancake Day, people are going all out to create the most elaborate and delicious pancakes.


2. They’re often real works of art.

It's Pancake Day. Here's some pancake art.

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3. Not sure how Gushers on pancakes taste, but this pun is pantastic.


4. British football club Tottenham Hotspur had their players turned into pancakes.

#PancakeDay, Spurs style! 🥞 (🎥 @drdancake) #THFC

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5. Spurs had these made by pancake artists at Dancake. These people know how to handle some batter.


6. They know how to jump on a meme.


7. If you’re having a stressful day, just slow down and watch them create a rainbow sloth. You read that right.


8. You’ll Gogh nuts for these pancakes.


9.Pancakes are coming…


10. Not joking, this is a pancake. A pancake. No, seriously. A f*cking pancake.



11. And hey, if you forgot to buy flowers for Valentine’s Day, Denny’s has a tip for you:


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