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11 hilarious fan interactions from Denny’s Diner on Tumblr

2 minuten lezen

Denny’s Diner is known for their funny and weird social media presence. They’re weird on basically every platform you can think of. They also have a big following on Tumblr, and love interacting with their fans there. This is a collection of some of their funniest interactions.


1. Some people love Denny’s Tumblr, some hate it, some do both.


2. This was a VERY high-stakes question. 

She wasn’t lying…


3. Denny’s is always nearby.


4. Always save the receipt.


5. A suspicious amount of things from that show have been coming true, so…


6. When you get a question too many times, you start copy-pasting.


7. This fun-hearted joke escalated quickly.




8. You learn a lot when you follow Denny’s.


9. They love getting feedback.



10. This is 100% how it works.


11. And if you think Denny’s is above making dad jokes, you’re very much mistaken.


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