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23 tweets about the opening ceremony of the Olympics that deserve a gold medal

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It finally happened: the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeonchang are finally underway. As always, the Games were opened with a spectacular opening ceremony that got a lot of people tweeting…


1. It’s a little confusing that some games started before the ceremony.


2. The BBC knows their tiger puns.


3. It was a visually stunning ceremony.


4. So stunning.


5. Frozen fans were on the edge of their seats.


6. Presented without comment.


7. Nothing but respect for the inner circle dancers.


8. You’re not going to believe this, but they played Gangnam Style.


9. The athletes came out in the order of the Korean alphabet.




11. Guess who’s back?


12. Meanwhile, Team USA also made an interesting fashion choice.


13. There were two totally real special guests in the stands today.


14. One of them was remarkably quiet.


15. For some reason the CIA live tweeted the event and played a game?


16. If he wins, he’ll surely be reaching for the tissues.


17. The most powerful moment of the entire ceremony.


18. It was already announced, but heartening nonetheless.


19. It got people a little choked up.


20. A slightly less powerful moment…


21. The Koreans deployed a couple of drones and blew a couple of minds.


22. It’s mesmerizing.


23. Let the Games begin!


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