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Social media is not happy about Dodge using Martin Luther King’s voice in a Superbowl commercial

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Every year, big brands pay millions of dollars to air commercials during the Superbowl. This can lead to truly epic commercials, like the one from Doritos and Mountain Dew. Dodge Ram, however, spent a whole lot of money on an ad that wasn’t particularly well received…


1. Watch Dodge Ram’s unfortunate decision here:

2. People watching were not pleased.


3. Priorities, priorities…


4. Damned sportsball at it again.


5. It’s a bit of a contrast.


6. As he would have wanted.

7. A simply put note for Dodge:


8. Tim is not wrong.


9. You can read that part here:


10. Greg raises a good question.


11. In case you were wondering whether MLK’s children are okay with it…


12. Dodge might as well have gone all the way.


13. It would be a missed opportunity.


14. Charles can’t help but Ram this pun in there.


15. We now go live to Dodge headquarters…


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