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21 Spoiler-free tweets about Black Mirror

2 minuten lezen

Today is a big day for fans of tv series Black Mirror. Season 4 of the biggest mind fuck on television is out on Netflix, and people are excited.


1. Some fans wait nonchalantly.


2. Others are cheerfully excited.


3. But not all fans are waiting patiently.




5. Black Mirror is a lot to take in.


6. Just one, really. Well, maybe.


7. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out whether the show is real or not.


8. This video doesn’t make it much clearer either…


9. When Donald Trump got elected, the official Black Mirror account even had to confirm it wasn’t them.


10. And the creator of the show would know.


11. It’s easy to see where Apple got this idea.


12. The show can be hard to figure out.


13. This may not be about Black Mirror after all.


14. It almost writes itself.


15. Actual live feed:


16. The fans are dedicated.


17. The answer is yes, Ajey.


18. People from all the ends of the Earth are dying to see it.


19. No judgment here.


20. That looks about right.


21. Happy Black Mirror Day, everyone.


This is usually how it goes.



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