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These 21 puns from Tumblr are so bad they’re good

2 minuten lezen

Puns. Dads love them, some people can’t stand them. Some are incredibly impressive, some are terrible. Some are so bad they’re actually amazing. Tumblr JustBadPuns is filled to the brim with them.


1. They’re often set in stone, too.


2. Aye.


3. Most are nice, clean jokes.


4. We’re always down for a good pun.


5. Not bad.


6. At least they’re thorough.


7. This pun wasn’t his first rodeo.


8. That’s what it should’ve been, at least.


9. It’s just the most logical explanation.




11. Is this how politicians get started?


12. It’s quite a ride.


13. This is honestly a beautiful way of looking at it.


14. People don’t know shit.


15. It was a hard goodbi.


16. I’m still shivering.


17. They’re not letting it get to their heads.


18. So proud.


19. They’re not for everyone.


20. It’s the only way to get the Marximum amount of fun out of them.


21. Some puns are truly a work of art.


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