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Toilet paper giant Charmin cannot stop making shitty bathroom puns

3 minuten lezen

Charmin is an expert in two things: toilet paper and terrible jokes.


1. Let’s start with possibly the easiest one.


2. When a jogger kept pooping in people’s gardens, Charmin stepped up. With a pun.


3. The incident really woke up the bear.


4. They won’t run out of puns anytime soon.


5. It was truly a gift that kept on giving.


6. The options are nearly endless.


7. They know their strengths.


8. They just love cheeky responses.


9. Sometimes all it takes is adding one single letter.


10. Mystery solved.


11. They’re open minded.


12. This one even rhymes.


13. This is just solid business advice.


14. *Ba dum, tss*


Shitty jokes aside, Charmin is on a roll.

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