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This German man shows his love for Lidl and puns on Instagram

3 minuten lezen

Meet Sven, a German guy who lives in Amsterdam and always does his weekly grocery shopping at Lidl. He loves the store so much that he started an Instagram account to show it: My Lidl Diary. Things may get a lidl punny from here…


1. He may look stern, but making these puns are like a second nature to him.


2. He loves inspiring his fans.


3. He can really find himself in this store.


4. This isn’t your garden-variety fan account.


5. He loves getting that green.


6. I sea what you did there.


7. He likes to keep both his phyisical and mental health in good shape.


8. His actions don’t go unnoticed.


9. Lidl is where Sven is at his coziest.


10. We’re rooting for him.


This blog originally appeared on our Dutch sister publication.


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