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14 times frozen pizza giant DiGiorno delivered laughs on social media

American frozen pizza brand Digiorno is known for their slogan ‘It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno.’ Ironically, they just can’t help but deliver good stuff on social media. Here’s just a slice of what they have in store…


1. DiGiorno is not afraid to go up against Gordon Ramsay.


2. Their March Madness bracket is still going strong.



3. They’re the ones who would know.


4. They’ll show off their art to anyone who might be interested.


5. DiGiorno doesn’t just know pizza: they know their fans.


6. And, importantly, they know themselves.



7. Some people are truly beyond help.


8. Throwing some shade on their competition is a DiGiorno specialty.



9. Words aren’t always needed to get their message across.


10. DiGiorno’s ambition is limitless.


11. This is the only logical conclusion This is the only logical conclusion This is the only logica


12. If you’re bored, just hit them up for a game of pizza tac toe.


13. Don’t worry, their pizzas lead good and interesting lives.



14. But they have one rule: don’t attack their pizzas like this.


Mmm… you know what would be great after all those delicious posts?

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