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Yes they Kane: 21 hilarious tweets about Tunisia VS England

3 minuten lezen

On Monday night, the English national team played their first World Cup match, with Tunisia as their opponent. The match was action packed, with a surprising amount of wrestling involved, and a winner in the dying seconds…


1. The English try to play it cool, but don’t let it fool you: they’re excited.


2. Just a little fun fact for you.





4. Who else?


5. Paddy Power had seen enough after Harry Kane’s goal, eleven minutes into their first game.


6. Tunisia’s goalkeeper, Hassen, was quite unlucky and had to be substituted, to the confusion of some.



7. Things seemed to be looking up for England.


8. But then…


9. After a foul by Kyle Walker, Tunisia was awarded a penalty, which Sassi scored.



10. Harry Maguire’s head had to endure a lot of jokes from Paddy Power.


11. Should England have been given a penalty as well?


12. That still may be a bit unclear, so let’s take another look at the situation.


13. This explains A LOT.



14. This Tunisian fan had some body paint left over.


15. Not everyone has the opportunity to watch the game, so hopefully those people had someone like this to keep them updated.


16. The second half was slightly less entertaining than the first.


17. For the longest time, it seemed like the game was going to end in a draw…


18. Harry Kane only bloody does it again.


19. The relief is real.


20. England’s confidence is BACK, baby.


21. In the end, no video referee could stop him.


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