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#VansChallenge has Twitter throwing their shoes

This (probably bored) Vans-owner coincidentally discovered that her shoes always land on their soles. After sharing her discovery, others were quick to try it out themselves and the #VansChallenge was born.


1. It all started with this tweet:


2. They seem to always land facing up.


3. It also works when you’re not throwing violently. 


4. Even kids can do it.


5. It works. Every. Time.


6. People are suddenly throwing their own shoes by the masses.


7. It’s also the perfect way to test out whether your shoes are real or not.


8. Even though it also works with Converse.


9. It doesn’t work on cars though.


10. Height isn’t a problem.


11. Is it magic?


12. Turns out it also works with flip-flops.


13. But whatever you do, don’t do it like this:


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