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UPS drivers are sharing pictures of dogs they meet and it is adorable

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It may be a stereotype that dogs hate mail delivery people, but as it turns out, they LOVE UPS drivers. So much so that there is a Facebook page, UPS DOGS, where drivers and dog owners post pictures of their encounters. Be warned: this blog contains an alarming amount of cuteness.


1. Here’s the founder of the page, UPS driver Sean McCarren, explaining the purpose of the page.


2. The dogs these drivers encounter come in all shapes and sizes.


3. No really, all shapes and sizes.


4. Some are basically models.


5. They don’t discriminate against stray dogs.


6. The dogs often have presents for the drivers.


7. And it’s not just sticks they offer UPS drivers.


8. Thankfully, the dogs even help out sometimes. The job can be ruff sometimes.


9. They love hopping on.


10. This one came to help repair Reid’s truck.


11. The cuteness is coming in from all over the world.


12. It’s hard to get mad at him with a face like that.


13. Other kinds of animals are drawn to the UPS trucks as well.


14. The dogs really know how to trick the drivers into bringing them treats.


15. Some puppers even love the UPS trucks so much they’ve basically become inventory.


16. But wait… there’s VIDEO.


17. It’s clear: the love between dogs and UPS drivers is very deep.


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