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Girl gifts photo shoot to 90 year old grandma and she’s quite charming

2 minuten lezen

Unless you don’t like surprises, someone else throwing you a surprise party is one of the best things that can happen to you. Now imagine turning 90 and your granddaughter comes up with the idea of doing a themed photo shoot to celebrate. How cute right? We are about to show you the results.


1. Tazjhani’s grandmother turning 90 led to this adorable footage.


2. Absolutely deserved.


3. And so many people LOVE this.


4. For some this was a nice positive change on their timeline.


5. And although almost every comment is a congratulating one… we felt this one as well.


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Lust geen koffie, maar ijskoffie dan weer wel. Hockeyt al zo lang ze zich kan…

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