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This Instagram collects hilarious videos of people just missing their train

3 minuten lezen

Failing to catch your train is the worst. However, watching someone miss their train can be very enjoyable. Instagram account Missedyabus collects these ‘beautiful’ moments of ‘Schadenfreude’…


1. Missing your train or bus can be very irritating, but people don’t always want to show it. 


2. But sometimes it’s just too hard to hide.


3. But no, it’s fine, don’t worry.


4. Denied…


5. To make it less awkward, she just… runs in the opposite direction.


6. She made it! Sort of…


7. This guy really nailed his landing.


8. Nope, I meant to walk straight back all along.


9. But the smoothest miss definitely goes to this man and his scooter.



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