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The Grim Reaper is an Instagram model now

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There are so many Instagram models out there these days that it can be hard to tell them apart. Fortunately there is one that’s truly different than the rest: iamtheswimreaper. In a time where everybody has an Instagram account, it shouldn’t be surprising that Death himself has one, too…


1. If you’ve ever wondered what the Grim Reaper would look like as an Instagram model, this account has your back.


2. You’ve heard of the four horsemen of the apocalypse… meet number five.

#tbt reapin’ the waterfalls with my trusty steed #giddyup #mypony #squadgoals⠀

A post shared by The Swim Reaper (@iamtheswimreaper) on


3. Unlike most Instagram models, his ego is not inflated. Yet.

Do I look fat in this? #imjustbigboned #ootd 🍩

A post shared by The Swim Reaper (@iamtheswimreaper) on


4. He’s a real sweetheart, honestly.

Got nothin but love for ya, dummies. 😍

A post shared by The Swim Reaper (@iamtheswimreaper) on


5. The devil is in the details.


6. He’s not afraid to show some bone.

I reap nude beaches too y’know. #dontthinkyouresosafe

A post shared by The Swim Reaper (@iamtheswimreaper) on


7. Even the Grim Reaper has to work on his tan.

It’s about making sure you get an even covering of evil. #notanlines

A post shared by The Swim Reaper (@iamtheswimreaper) on


8. He’s always up for a game.

We play Reaper Rules here. You miss, you drink. I miss, you drink. Loser drowns. Cool?

A post shared by The Swim Reaper (@iamtheswimreaper) on


9. His love life is not off limits.


10. Sometimes you just need to relax a little.


11. And of course…


Thanks for the tip, Victoria!


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