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This high school teacher grades her students with memes

Grading systems at schools vary from country to country and some researchers even argue for a rather simple pass or no-pass concept. Check out the English teacher and active twitter user @axfxq, who came up with her very own creative solution and it’s hitting the zeitgeist too well…


1. Ainee Fatima is a English teacher, poet and public speaker from Chicago and this is her new grading system:


2. Creative memes replace simple letters.


3. Her students really love the new approach.


4. She also has a very valid reason for leaving the red markers at home.


5. The Twitter community is digging the innovative method and teachers worldwide want to follow her example.


6. Some people had their concerns, but Ainee explains why she stands by the idea.


7. It’s great to see such innovative and creative thinking in classrooms.


8. This is your grade Ainee Fatima @axfxq:



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