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This artist creatively turns her hair into things you never thought possible

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Laetitia Ky is an Ivorian artist who sculpts her hair into impressive, funny, and beautiful works of art. If you need inspiration for your next hair style, look no further, and start following her on Instagram.


1.Β  She likes expressing her feelings.


2. Her art is unique.


3. Her ideas are top notch.


4. The things she manages to create with her hair get very intricate.


5. She rocks.


6. Her art will make you dance on your head.


7. She celebrates her heritage.


8. The creative ideas just sprout from her head.


9. She advocates for causes she believes in.


10. She will teach you something about her country, Ivory Coast.


11. She can even recreate entire Game of Thrones scenes.


12. She loves showing off her silly side.


13. And if you’re still not convinced she’s a must-follow, well…


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