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These World Cup tweets from Paddy Power already won the tournament

Paddy Power is no ordinary bookmaker. They love live tweeting sports matches, and they’re truly on a roll during the World Cup.


1. Paddy Power has a clear answer to the most pressing question England is asking at the moment.


2. It’s not like they already made up their minds 11 minutes into England’s first game.


3. Who is that ref kidding, really?


4. They get VERY personal.


5. Beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Just to refresh and delight your memory:


6. Who even has time for this?


7. Vlad is just keeping an eye out.


8. Their faith in Danny Welbeck is not huge.


9. When England and Colombia were headed for a penalty shoot-out they basically gave up.


10. Their burns are as fiery as Marcos Rojo’s toaster.


11. Turns out there’s an explanation for Muslera’s blunder against France.


12. They had a live feed of Leroy Sane’s house when Germany was eliminated.


13. German manager Joachim Löw’s bollocks got some action as well.


14. Like most people, Paddy Power is not a huge fan of Neymar’s behavior.


15. But wait, are they right? Let’s check the VAR one last time…


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