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These reviews of a Swiss army knife are even sharper than the knife itself

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We all love tools which are good for more than just one job don’t we? The Swiss company Wenger is taking it to another level. The 16999 officially has 141 functions and even more user reviews on Amazon. These reviews seem to be never getting old, as they keep going viral periodically. And we understand why: some of them are hilarious. We tweezed, cut and ‘filed’ some of the best.

1. Here’s the bad boy, the Wenger 16999. Huge backpack not included. Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Wenger 16999

2. It’s actually for sale on Amazon for just $8,499.99. Mind the shipping costs though. 


3. You wouldn’t want to buy something expensive like that without reading some reviews right?


4. Throw away your Nokia.


5. And your marriage.


6. The reviews really are useful.


7. The knife even turns republics into monarchies.


8. Bear necessities are also included.


9. It even has solutions for accidents that may occur while reading the reviews! 


10. Just one downside though.


Read all the reviews here.

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