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Chrissy Teigen is clearly trolling on Twitter, but some people take it rather seriously

Chrissy Teigen is quite known for her funny antics on Twitter and she doesn’t always take her social media too serious. This time she posted a photoshopped picture of herself while she is posing in a gym. Most of her followers get the joke, but there are still some people who tend to completely miss it and call her out. It’s fascinating actually.


1. Impressive curves, Chrissy. Less impressive Photoshop skills.


2. Jen is here for free advice.

But luckily Chrissy is more than happy to help.


3. Some people just do not get the joke at all.


4. Fraud alert, right Joseph!?


5. True story.


6. Lastly, Allison likes to add her own theory for these yuuuge mistakes.


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