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These jokes about the Met Gala outfits answer all your prayers

2 minuten lezen

The annual Met Gala was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York last night. It’s always a true feast for the eye with glamorous and sometimes truly bizarre outfits. This year the theme was ‘Heavenly Bodies,’ and the celebrities truly went for it. This obviously gave Twitter a lot of material for jokes.


1. Let’s strap in and judge some people.


2. It’s so interesting to see how these looks come together.


3. Accurate.


4. This may have all been a happy accident.



5. How dare you.


6. Honestly: look of the night.



7. Her designer certainly didn’t chicken out.



8. Accurate.


9. Leto also kinda looks like a different kind of king…


10. It’s *magic*


11. THAT’S what it is.


12. Hopefully she skipped the wine.



13. Makes sense.


14. Her look was look was probably sponsored by…


15. Who wore it best?


16. We have a winner:


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