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The internet pokes a lot of fun at Mark Zuckerberg’s hearing

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As you probably know, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg appeared before the US Congress yesterday to answer questions about things ranging from privacy and Cambridge Analytica, to Russian election meddling. And while that may sound like serious business, the internet still found plenty of material to make jokes and memes about…


1. The questions Zuckerberg got from older members of Congress were… quite something.


2. Just listen to this one.


3. It lead to a lot of jokes.


4. And it made a lot of people realize the same thing.


5. Of course he does.


6. The Catfish guy would know…


7. If not now, when?


8. Every member of Congress has their own priorities.


9. Life comes at you fast.


10. The insane picture turns out to be pretty relatable.


11. Whoops.


12. People noticed he was sitting on an extra thick cushion to appear taller.


13. Which is obviously excellent meme material.


14. The whole hearing was a mean meme machine.


15. Zuckerberg’s robotic mannerisms were noticed by many.


16. And lead to more memes.


17. And we leave you with this not unlikely scenario…


Strap in, the hearing continues today.


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