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The internet is going crazy about this video that makes you experience 3D

2 minuten lezen

We’ve known 3D for quite a while, but as we speak the internet is going crazy about a TikTok-video which makes you experience 3D without the 3D-glasses. First of all, we advise you to watch this on your smartphone. Secondly, the only thing you need to do is hold your hand in front of your eye, and make sure to look very closely to your screen with your other eye. What you will experience is spectacular. So, give it a go!


1. We’re talking about this particular tweet:


2. A lot of people are responding to the video.


3. They share their experiences and tips.


4. Some can’t get enough of it…


5. But others don’t seem to find it very special.


6. If you did it correctly, you are currently looking like this:


7. In case you wanted to try again, this person made a looped version.


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