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Steak-Umm is finally verified and celebrates with some savage tweets

3 minuten lezen

It’s always nice to see hard work paying off. Philadelphia-based sandwich steak company Steak-Umm fought against the odds to get verified on Twitter, and damn it, they finally did it.


1. For months Steak-Umm campaigned hard to earn themselves that beautiful blue checkmark.


2. And guess what? THEY FINALLY DID IT.


3. Time for a poetic speech.


4. Fortunately they’re not following the plan they shared with MoonPie.


5. Because they have a party to plan.


6. Just because Twitter finally verified Steak-Umm, doesn’t mean they’ve forgiven founder Jack Dorsey just yet.


7. Some of their verified Twitter pals like the original captain Kirk and Hardee’s are happy for them.


8. The Steak-Umm fandom couldn’t be more proud.


9. Some get a little too excited.


10. Of course they have to thank the man who started it all.


11. And don’t think they forgot about Wendy’s big talk.


12. Bring it on, verifieds. Steak-Umm is ready to rumble.


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